Silver partner

We are a team of experts in JavaScript, the new big language

We created JS-Republic with a high requirement level because we believe that it leads to the interesting work we want to do. We provide high quality custom development and high availability architecture thanks to our craftsmanship approach.

As Developers, our key values are Quality, Robustness, Performance and Safety. The safety and robustness of Web applications are strategic stakes for IT departments. This is why our are experts and use the latest innovations of the Javascript platform: ES6 / ES7, TypeScript, Flow. We also use tools such as React, Polymer, Electron, Ionic, combined with factories for an ultra productive industrialisation: JSPM, Webpack, Browserify, Babel, NPM, EsLint, Karma, Mocha otherwise, Nightwatch.

JS-Republic provides in-house services: our consultants join our client's team in their offices to deliver their most innovating projects on time and above client’s expectations. We also craft some of our project with our great UX-Designers friends from UX-Republic, our sister company.

Our values

What's important is the generated value! As a JS-REPUBLICAN we’re taking commitments to our clients as we need to be proud of what we do. Our values are:

  • Customer intimacy
  • Quality
  • Pragmatism
  • Knowledge sharing

All eager to learn and to contribute to build an ever more innovative Web, we organize a monthly knowledge-sharing day called: JS-Talk. It’s key to maintain our high level of expertise and nourish our passion for emerging technologies and new approaches to JS developpement.

We also exchange with the JS community thanks to our meetup JS-Star, conferences and blog posts. Most of us are also contributors to Open-Source projects and trainers in our expert training center.

Finally we are all very agile as all our consultants are certified Scrum Master.

Interested in becoming a JS-STAR?

We are always looking for talents!

Send us your resume, and tell us about your motivations... we love surprises!

Do you think you are not a JavaScript Expert yet, but would like very much to become one? Good news: you can enroll in our in-house JavaScript training program during the first few months in order to become a JS Star in the JS-Republic team.

Do you prefer your cheap beer to the charm of Parisian subway ? No problem, we understand, JS-Republic hires talents everywhere in France, take a look at JS-Flex, an innovative way to work from home.